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TP - Perception Tests / Perceptions Training Tasks

You are about to download the file to install TP, a software application that aims at helping language teachers or researchers in the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, psycholinguistics and speech therapy to test/train participants’ speech perception by means of identification and discrimination tests. After each perception test or perceptual training session, TP generates a report with participants’ answers and reaction times, facilitating data analysis. Besides testing, TP also allows the configuration of perceptual training tasks with immediate feedback.

Please download the application file, save it in your computer (preferably in your desktop) and run it to start the installation process. Configuration files like sounds, videos, images and test results will be saved in the folder C:\Worken\TP. The application works fine in Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and 7).

Some antiviruses might try to block the execution of the .exe file, but don’t worry, please allow the installation and never run it inside the antivirus area. Some might offer this possibility but might cause installation problems, making the use of the software impossible. Save it in your desktop and run it from there.

After installation, the application will ask you for a password. Type the temporary password “worken” to enter as an administrator (or Teacher’s Mode), but then change your password in the option Configurations/Change Password. If no password is typed, the application will only work in the “Student’s Mode”, which means you won’t have access to the Configurations Menu. If you have questions about fields or buttons, place the mouse over the field/button and wait until the “help message” pops up.


Click here to download the application

Click here to download the tutorial


If you have any question about the download or installation process, to contact us.



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